Black Cherry - Red Cherry is world renowned for its beauty and working quality. We bring in all of our cherry from Pennsylvania, as this cherry has very limited to zero pitch pockets in this wood along with very uniform and even color. It will age to a wonderfully rich patina, given just a little sunlight. This is one of the reasons that it has long been the choice of fine furniture manufacturers and skilled crafts people. It is easy to see why it is so highly prized.

Whether the source is heartwood or sapwood (the external part of the tree), cherry lumber will have a strong scent. Depending on the type of tree, sapwood lumber will have a light pink or whitish color. The heartwood will range from a deep red to red-brown. All types of cherry lumber will have knots and streaks.

Cherry lumber will darken on its own. If stain is used, gel stains are recommended over water-based stains.

Woodworkers often don't stain lumber. If it is sealed with an oil-based polyurethane, it will darken to a rich brown with a hint of red.