About Us

Gill family started forestry based business in Canada in 2002. We gradually worked in various roles of being broker, loggers, and forwarders and now we are exporting from USA, Canada, South America and New Zealand. We are one of the fastest growing company in Canada We are aiming to do 6-8 shipload per year in and then gradually do one shipload per month from USA , Canada ,South America and New Zealand. Currently, We have our own infrastructure in North and South American countries and we supply LOGS, KD-HT-S4S timber and lumber to various countries.

We are already supplying to China, India, Middle East and South East Asia. Gill Timbers is looking for long term business relations with manufacturers, wholesalers, traders and agents in forestry sectors worldwide. Gill Timbers is slowly gaining reputation among buyers and this is due to hard work and dedication of the whole family. Gill Timbers is making efforts to provide quality wood to buyers and very soon going to explore possibilities of business in other countries too.

We are looking for long term business relationships as quality and quantity is assured. At present we have various sizes of COASTAL DOUGLAS FIR, WESTERN HEMLOCK , SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE, ASH, ELM, POPLAR, BIRCH, BASSWOOD, CHEERY, RADIATA PINE, NEWZEALAND PINE, TAEDA PINE, SPRUCE, EUCALYPTUS, WESTERN CEDAR, ALDER, WHITE OAK, RED OAK and WALNUT.

With grace of God and guidance of seniors in family we are growing at pace. As supply and distribution is controlled by family we are successful in making quality control and happy clientage and thus working with reputation and going good . Gill Timbers is widely contacted by agents, brokers, plantation owners, saw mills, suppliers from all over the world and we are looking forward to establish business relationships with new growing markets. We have international business presence through www.gilltimbers.com and we are also present in social media and thousands are connected with company through FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Gilltimbers International Ltd has futuristic solutions and plans to secure sustainable forestry supplies by leasing and purchasing plantations in Central and South America , Africa and Carribean countries. This investor alliance and opportunity will provide joint venture agreements to potential investor companies looking to invest for long term secure returns in the growing economic volatility environment in the world.

There are growing concerns worldwide due environmental changes , demand to protect forests and anti logging laws . We are navigating solutions which cam withstand all these challenges but also accommodate the needs of all stakeholders in the forestry industry. We believe selling raw materials only is not sustainable forestry but added value products programs with innovative saw machinery will be most beneficial for all parties involved .

For example we are aiming for Nigeria , Jimbave and Ecuador projects to work with the government agencies to lease / purchase plantation with small portable mills especially designed for remote areas operations using solar generators and wind energy alternate resources . This way rural communities will be able to generate sustainable long term jobs and coop models built with native /rural communities will have stable long term supply relationship for decades to come .

For more information please call +1 604 832 0105 / ivongill@gilltimbers.com

Gill Timbers International Limited

Supplying various grades and sizes of softwoods and hardwoods in containers and Break Bulks. OAK lumber is also available.


Maple Logs from Canada, of every grade and size are available for container and bulk-break supply. We are exporting Maple to India, China and South-East Asia.


We are doing shiploads and container supplies of Pine logs of various species from US port, New Zealand, South America and Canada. Agents, brokers and buyers may contact us.