Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

A unique native species of British Columbia Coastal forests, known for its strength, durability and diverse applications. It has the quality and looks of the famous Indian Himalaya species known locally as Devdar

Many Indian market places are selling Russian and New Zealand pine but British Columbia Coastal Douglas fir is unique native species and despite the fact it may share some similarities with other species but its density and strength qualities are unmatched. More information about Douglas Fir.

Gill Timbers International Limited is exporting lumber , KD-HT Planks and logs of Douglas Fir to various countries. KD-HT planks are very well received in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Middle East. Popular thickness for doors, windows and light furniture applications is 1.5 inch. But we can also supply 2" - 8" thickness ,Rough cut lumber. Business offers of various sizes and grades are being offered by Gill Timbers. Where you can find best prices for timber and lumber from us.

Gill Timbers International Limited is exporting American Douglas Fir in air dried, lengths upto 20-24ft of various grades and sizes. Douglas Fir is also being used in wooden house construction - as this wood takes not only load, pressure but also taken any stain, polish or paint. Thus is easy to use with and looks very beautiful.