Western Hemlock is of light grain and very sturdy wood. It's pulp is used in manufacturing of USD. Hemlock is mostly used in interiors and light furniture applications. We offer hemlock in 1 inch to 6 inch in both rough cut and KD-HT supply. We are also supplying Hemlock through USA ports. Hemlock is available in KD-HT lumber and air dried lumber form. Check out latest business offers in Hemlock


SPF is mostly exported from Canadian ports. But we do export SPF from US ports. Perhaps cheapes source of wood for multipurpose usage in industry and trade. SPF consists of three species. SPRUCE-PINE-FIR and we export economy to Grade2 of SPF at almost all ports of India. SPF is also exported to Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Korea. We export SPF in thickness of 1.5 inch onwards..Check out latest business offers in SPF


KD-HT Lumber, Air Dried Lumber is world famous for strength and grain. Not only it is preffered in constructional usage but very much appreciated in mannufacturing of doors, Windows, framing, Panelling, flooring, Light furniture applications. We are exporting economy to select grade in sizes of 1 inch thickness to 6 inch thickness in rough cut and KD-HT supply. We are also supplying Lumber of Douglas Fir from USA ports. Check out latest business offers in Douglas Fir


Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine from Canada which is also known as SYP is liked by those who preffer less knotts or no knotts. SYP is of st. grain a nd provides very less knotts thus this is choice of wood for furniture and framing. We export SYP in thickness of 1.5 inch onwards.... Check out latest business offers in SYP

Gill Timbers International Limited is supplying various grades and sizes of WHITE OAK- RED OAK in containers and Break Bulks. OAK lumber is also available. We supply KD-HT lumber too for various usages in manufacturing. GILL TIMBERS is exporting WHITE OAK- RED OAK from USA ports to China, India, Japan and Middle East. Send you your inquiry for volume based business in pine logs from New Zealand or contact Mr. Ivon Gill at 1 604 832 8747

Skype: ivon.gill


We are currently exporting , supplying Teak Logs, Radiata Pine Logs, Syp Logs and Oak Logs to China, India, Middle East and Indonesia. Agents, brokers and buyers may contact us.



We are doing shiploads and container supplies of Pine logs of various species from US port, New Zealand, South America and Canada. Agents, brokers and buyers may contact us.


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